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Hivos – Social Innovation Award - FAQS


1. When is the Social Innovation Competition deadline?
The deadline for submitting the concept note for the first round is 9 November 2014 (24.00 CET). Voting starts at November 10.

2. May I submit more than one entry? Can I win more than one award?
You can submit one concept note per individual/organisation/business. You can also win only one award.

3. Does the application have to be in English?
Yes, the application has to be in English. The summary of your idea will be uploaded on the voting platform and therefore has to be in a language all applicants, voters and jury understand.

4. Do I have to submit my application electronically through the website?
Yes, you must submit your application through the online entry form. If you have any problems with uploading, please send an email to socialinnovationaward@hivos.org.

5. When and how will the winners be announced?
The twenty semi-finalists will be announced on the website after the voting process. They will be informed by email about their continuation in the competition and the guidelines concerning their full application no later than 1 December 2014. After the second round, six finalists will be informed about their visit to the Netherlands no later than 15 January 2015. The final two winners will be announced during the Hivos Social Innovation Award ceremony in the Netherlands on 5 February 2015.

6. How will the voting process proceed?
Voting will start after applications have been submitted and will involve clicking “vote” on one of the submissions. All voters are asked to read the summary of the idea before voting.
For more information about the voting process and timelines, please take a look at the How to apply menu option.

7. When and how will semi-finalists be informed about their continuation to the next round?
See question 5

8. What does the Hivos Learning Community for the twenty semi-finalists entail?
Can you imagine a learning experience richer than learning from like-minded innovators and organisations, from different contexts but facing similar challenges struggles and dilemmas? Fueled by expert knowledge on social innovation, prototyping ideas, scaling and entrepreneurship, the Hivos Learning Community is crafted to suit your individual needs and connect you to fellow innovators from across the globe. The two-week programme will be offered to you online, and will include webinars, open interactive discussions with peers and experts and guidance for improving your submission. A unique programme tailor made by the Dutch social innovation hub Kennisland for the semi-finalists of the Hivos Social Innovation Award.

9. Who is in the jury?
Please see the jury menu option on the website. In short, the jury consists of Manuela Monteiro (chair), Valerie Frissen, Sam Gichuru and Maurits Groen. The fifth jury member still needs to be confirmed.

10. When and where will the Hivos Social Innovation Award ceremony take place?
The Hivos Social Innovation Award ceremony takes place on 5 February 2015 in Amsterdam at Pakhuis de Zwijger.

11. Who will take care of finalists’ travel to the Netherlands?
The travel (including visa) and accommodation costs for their participation in the ceremony (in principle one person per entry) will be covered by Hivos. For more information with regard to travel expenses to the Netherlands see the Terms & Conditions.

12. Will there be a second Hivos Social Innovation competition?
Yes. Hivos will also organise the award competition in 2016.