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Hivos – Social Innovation Award -

Winners Hivos Social Innovation Award

The jury had the task to select the best proposals in two categories: first, the most promising innovative idea that is to be developed into a prototype. Second, the initiative that has already proven itself and deserves to be scaled up and increase its impact.

The chairman of the jury, Manuela Monteiro, announced that in the scaling-up category, the jury did not find an obvious winner. While undoubtedly very valuable, none of the innovations were at the stage to be scaled up. Luckily, there was one endeavor in which the jury saw an enormous potential to scale. Therefore the jury, in consultation with Hivos, decided to NOT award a prize, but to offer a coaching trajectory to Tanveer Hossein from Organic Sack Gardening. The jury stated that this innovation has the potential to make the megacity of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, a more green and healthy place to live.

Bonnie Chiu from Lensational was selected as the winner in the prototype category. The jury motivated that it chose Lensational as it uses a simple but very modern and viable approach to impact the lives of marginalized women in Pakistan. They were also impressed by the way Bonnie, being only 22 years old, has developed a sound social enterprise and, what's more, managed to engage with a wide array of stakeholders.

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